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Employee Wellness Career Opportunities

Be a part of a diverse team of experienced employee wellness professionals and a growing women-owned business. At US Wellness, we serve employer groups and non-profit organizations across the country by providing comprehensive wellness programming. Positions we offer may include:

  • Project Manager 
  • Data Science Engineer
  • Logistics & Procurement Support
  • Wellness Strategist 
  • Assistant Project Manager

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Message From Our Founder

Twenty-five years ago I founded US Wellness with the idea that we could help people live healthier lives through preventive health and wellness services.  We were at the forefront of the cultural shift towards wellness in full force today.

In thinking back to some of our early days there is one memory that highlights our commitment to this vision.  We supported a week-long diabetes awareness screening program in over 3,500 pharmacies across the US in response to a call to action by Oprah Winfrey and Walgreens.  

At the time, the east coast was crippled by a blizzard that dropped several feet of snow from Boston to North Carolina. Without asking, the US Wellness team arrived to work with their blankets, sleeping bags and crock pots full of food, all prepared to do what it takes to work through the week to get the job done. I’ll never forget being completely snowed in, the snow drifting 3-4 feet outside our office door, and looking into the conference room to see our team working hard to bring this important program to life for consumers across the country.  

That kind of commitment still survives today.  And now more than ever, businesses and communities need health and wellness resources to help navigate through this global pandemic.  We are passionate helping people live well.  Our commitment will continue to be a differentiating factor in the service we provide today and into the future.

To Your Health!
Tori Tomlinson, CEO and Founder, US Wellness

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