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More than a Wellness Portal

Our wellness portal provides employers all the tools they need to inspire change and reduce health costs while reducing time consuming administration.  Including; intuitive registration, wearable device integration, incentive tracking, challenges, rewards and broad content resources.  

But a successful wellness program requires more.  When you choose to work with US Wellness we become your strategic partner, your expert to drive change, to achieve your program goals.



What This Looks Like

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Executive level support. You get direct access to some of the best minds in the wellness industry when you need it


Monthly strategy sessions with your US Wellness engagement team. 


Flexibility to adjust your program to meet shifting demands.  The post COVID world has forced many businesses to change plans quickly.  We are ready to flex as needed. 


Communications support.  Need help creating and sending marketing materials?  We’ll take on the heavy lifting for you to bring awareness to your employees. 

Wellness Platform Features

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Health Risk Assessment

Provides members an overall wellness score and recommended workshops and activities based on their risks. NCQA certified for accuracy, quality, and integrity of results.


Biometric Screening Integration

Members get access to their health screening results captured over time to see how they are trending on risks for the most common chronic diseases.


Wellness Challenges

Fun, inclusive and flexible. Our total well-being challenges go beyond physical and are tailored to fit your culture.


Incentive Tracking

Keep people accountable. Help them stay on track through up to date outcomes and wellness activity tracking tools.


Health Coaching Integration

Online, telephonic, and onsite coaching integration. Coaching sessions logged in real time and tied to incentive campaigns.



Offering private labeling, single sign on, custom layout and design colors, and custom widgets.



Sign up for biometrics, onsite and online wellness workshops, wellness challenges, health coaching and more.

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Access food log, activity trackers, and wellness resources on the go.


Device Integration

Sync tracked activity directly to your portal account.


Wellness Workshops

Access to over 35 two to fourteen-week online workshops on a number of health topics including stress management, hypertension, depression, diabetes, nutrition, weight management and more.



Customized marketing toolkit, targeted email campaigns, and social media outreach inspire and motivate people to act through the entire course of your program.



Our wellness program implementation has been such a great experience. Your team is phenomenal. I have already recommended you to a colleague.

HR Director

Wellness day 2020 was a success! A 50% increase in participants was attained and I must say a greater awareness of heath prevention strategies was learned by all. Thank you for bringing this awesome program to our district. The nurse was knowledgeable, informative, and was welcomed by all. We look forward to this program next year!


We are very pleased with our wellness portal adoption rates for our first year!  Wonderful work US Wellness!

HR Director

Thank you so much for always being so proactive and helpful. It makes such a huge difference in our ability to run a successful wellness program!


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