Corporate Wellness Programs

One Vendor. One Solution. One Source

Are you working with several different vendors to manage your wellness program?

With US Wellness, we integrate your wellness portalbiometric screenings, COVID servicesincentive management, data outcomes and strategy into one amazing well-being partnership.  

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Incentive Management


Biometric Screenings


Wellness Portal


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More than a Technology Platform

Are you happy with the technology that your current wellness program offers but struggling to get the support and outcomes you want?

A successful wellness program requires a team of wellness experts to provide strategic and administration support that you can't get in a wellness platform alone.

Your US Wellness team will strategize with you and make adjustments to the program as you go, working to increase employee engagement, improve program utilization, and make you look good to your executive team.

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Get Help Managing Your Employee Wellness Program

Would you like more of your employees to be engaged in your wellness program?  Do you need a team of strategists on your side to make adjustments and manage communications through out the program year? 

Your US Wellness engagement team is there to take care of wellness portal implementation, ongoing communication and program administration for you.  So you have less administrative work and better engagement.



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No More Data Headaches

Is sharing wellness outcomes with your leadership team time consuming and stressful?  

US Wellness’ Wellness Intelligence Navigator does the work for you.  You’ll get access to an online dashboard, with aggregate data on demographic, program utilization, risk stratification, at your fingertips.

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We're Your Go To Resource

Communicating the details of your wellness program to employees may take more time and resources than you have right now.   And with so many people working remotely, it may be harder to get the word out. 

When you work with US Wellness, your engagement team takes care of the details - developing custom marketing materials for you, sending targeted email messages and managing home mailings on your behalf. 

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