Health Coaching


Our dedicated health coaches support real, sustainable behavior change through flexible, custom care.  All administered through US Wellness' wellness platform.

Smiling woman in a white sweater

How We Do It

  • Flexibility – We offer telephonic, online, and onsite coaching options to meet your populations diverse needs.
  • Technology – Health coaching sessions are all tracked and recorded in the wellness portal in real time to increase accountability and measure progress.
  • Positivity – We meet people where they are in their health journey and build on what they do well.
  • Plan of Action – Together, we create a customized plan of action with the individual and establish measurable goals to work towards.
  • Full Circle – We go beyond physical activity and nutrition to provide a total well-being coaching experience that encompasses physical, emotional, financial, and spiritual health
  • Results – 99% satisfaction and high engagement.  Our programs move people from contemplation to action.