COVID-19 has arrived, and it’s time to put your wellness program to work

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Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many employers will be faced with difficult decisions over the coming days and weeks.  And more than ever, employees are looking to their employer for support and resources to cope with changes in their work and personal lives. We know this situation isn’t easy, and that’s why we think it’s the right time for employers to tap into their wellness programs! 

As a wellness partner to over 350 employers across the United States, our role is to help employees navigate through the demands of life to meet their well-being goals. With this goal in mind, we’ve adjusted our programming over the coming months to ensure we are supporting the needs of our clients and their employees.  Here are a few examples of what our team has been working on, at no additional cost for our clients:

  • Created four online self-learning modules with topics including: emotional well-being, work-home balance, exercising at home, and mindfulness.  These modules have been published to our library of 30+ modules, and we have additional modules scheduled to be released in coming weeks.
  • Revamped ongoing and future wellness challenges to include resources around social distancing, sample bodyweight workouts, healthy eating tips, and mental health resources.
  • Developed online COVID-19 resource center as tool for employees looking for information about the virus or resources available through their company or health plan. Our clients can customize their resource centers to include company-specific announcements or services.
  • Added messaging around COVID-19 and online resources to our communication calendar to all employees.
  • Reviewed and provided recommendations for clients with a deadline approaching and/or activity adjustments due to social distancing recommendations.

And here’s some of the feedback that we’ve received…

In response to biometric screenings alternative options: “As always, we appreciate our partnership, especially during this difficult time.”

In response to modifications to a wellness program: “We’ve received a very positive response thus far.  I think that given all that we’re dealing with, it’s a welcome tool for staff that they’re looking forward to having at their fingertips.”

Whether or not you are one of our valued clients, put your wellness program to work! Use your wellness program platform to consolidate messaging and information to employees about COVID-19. Highlight resources available through your company, including your wellness vendor, health plan carrier, broker or other local partnerships to show your employees that you continue to support them.